has linux anything to fear from the rise of bsd options

i will be honest from the start i use both in fact i use GNU/LINUX DRAGONFLY.BSD MINIX and HAIKU(BeOS) and the new rc2 of ghostBSD looks realy good with great hardware support out the box and at last a easy wifi manager
extra software and apps ported from debian (no surprise as debian worked on a GNU/BSD in 2001 )

has linux anything to fear from the rise of bsd options?

If my experiences with the BSD’s is anything to go by, Linux is under absolutely no threat whatsoever.

I’m with salparadise on this … not yet, or probably for a long time to come.

But it doesn’t matter if they do … The Linux kernel won’t last forever in its current state, nor should it … Mad Penguin once said (something along the lines of) he could see at some stage the Linux kernel being replaced, maybe with something like the Mach kernel … but would anyone notice, or should they care … being new to the Linux world I didn’t really “get” that at the time … I do now :wink:

Linux is not a company that “needs” to survive … if it gets surpassed as the best kernel, that’s not a bad thing for anyone.

The Linux kernel will either morph into something totally unrecognisable from todays standpoint, or eventually get replaced … either way it doesn’t matter … if the FreeBSD kernel improves to the point where it becomes the way forward … GOOD, so be it … there’s no real competition going on here, beyond maybe a little friendly rivalry :slight_smile: … and we all benefit either way.