have you seen this advert for ubuntu

i only got sent the pic from my sister it’s from a Magazine so curious what it’s about

Different … is that Ubuntu’s target demographic now ? … no wonder they’re dumbing it down :wink:

so curious what it's about

I think it’s supposed to be their logo ???


Or maybe it’s supposed to symbolise Mark Shuttleworth asleep on the job, with his head up his own ar*e ???


Mark, that was a piece of comedy gold and has brightened my day

Heh … I’m glad “someone” appreciates my sense of humour :slight_smile:

I’ll/you’ll never see the Ubuntu logo in quite the same light again :wink:

i dont want to think about a porn ubuntu ad :-[


Poor Mr Shuttleworth, everyone is always picking on him. :wink:

Doesn’t he always have his head stuck up his ar*se?

Still waiting for MS to give more light on the tablet ‘scene’.

What more light do you need? The Surface with RT was a flop, I know several people who sent theirs back because it kept crashing or being stuttery. The Surface Pro won’t be much better, and to top it off, Microsoft is blaming the OEMs for Windows 8 falling on it’s arse. :slight_smile: Now there’s a good joke.

Did you not realise that MS could equally stand for Mark Shuttleworth :wink:

I’d not noticed that before … scary eh ?

Woah… mind f**k.

i might quite like a porn ubuntu logo re-imagining… if it came from a gay bear/leather bar…

The mind boggles :o

::slight_smile: could not resist…