Having issues with gtk iPod Manager

I’m having couple of issues with trying to load music onto my iPod using gtk iPod manager. There’s music already on my iPod but I want to delete it all and for some reason gtk won’t delete any of it. I’ve highlighted all the tracks then right-clicked and selected “Remove all tracks > I’m sure”, and then when I load the iPod again the music is still there. I’m not sure if I should format it because it has apps on it, some which I don’t want to lose.

Anyone able to shed some light?

Haven’t got a clue, I haven’t got an iPod… but this is from the gtkpod site:

You can delete tracks by marking them and pressing the "Ctrl-d" . If you delete tracks from the master playlist (the topmost playlist, called "gtkpod" by default). You can also delete tracks by selecting them, and using "Delete Track" in the Edit menu or from the context menu.


At a guess, this might mean they can only be deleted if they are removed from the playlist first ??

gtk doesn’t seem to be compatible with my gen of iPod, but hey doesn’t matter now. I found a fix, instead I’ve used Rhythmbox and seems to do the job just fine. ::slight_smile:

Ok maybe not… Seems I’ve ran into another problem. In Rhythmbox I’ll click on my iPod in the sidebar, then at the top “Sync with Library”. It syncs all my music however when I press “Eject” or even just take the cable out and goto “Songs” / “Artists” / “Albums” etc, there’s nothing there yet if I look in the “iPod_Control > Music” folder, there is music in the Fxx (xx = number(s)) folders :/. If it helps I have the 6th generation Nano, I really need to get my music on it because travelling without music is boring!

I could be totally wrong, but I’m sure I read somewhere that Foobar200 works with iPod G6’s, and runs in WINE… I can’t guarantee this though, as I don’t (and never will) own an iPod :wink:

I’ve tested foobar2000 in WINE and it works, but cannot confirm the iPod G6 support

You’ll also need the iPod Manager


direct download link _

Then extract the foo_dop.dll file to your ~/.wine/drive_c/“Program Files”/foobar2000/components directory.

Also, you may need the Nero AAC codec:

Instructions on it’s use here:
(these are Windows instructions, but should work in WINE)

Like I said, I don’t know if this will work, but worth a go… otherwise it’s iTunes in a Windows VM… at least until someone sorts support for G6’s in Linux.

Why do Apple find it necessary to keep breaking things.

Well before I can do any of that I’ll need some help getting foobar to install. I get the message that I need administrator privillages to install it :confused: It gives me the option of installing via current user “(home/bally)” or to a specific user. If I chose “current user” I get the message, however if I chose a specific user, I’ll type in the username “bally” and my password (the one i use to log in), it’ll accept that, close the window and then nothing happens, it’s like it closes itself.

P.S. It’s Apple we’re talking about… they love to sabotage things.

Which version of WINE are you running ? … I’m on 1.3 from the 11.04 repos.

I just selected install for all users, and it installed.


chmod a+x /path/to/foobar2000_v1.1.7.exe

then run it.

I’m running version 1.2.2 from the Repo, and I’ll give that command line a shot.

EDIT: I tried that command line and terminal returned the following message.

***@Home:~$ chmod a+x /home/bally/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/foobar2000_v1.1.7.exe
chmod: cannot access /home/bally/.wine/drive_c/Program': No such file or directory chmod: cannot access Files/foobar2000_v1.1.7.exe’: No such file or directory

First is that were you put the installer ?

Secondly, there can be no spaces in a Linux command… you’ll have to surround the part with the space with quotation marks.

So this WON’T work

chmod a+x /home/bally/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/foobar2000_v1.1.7.exe

But this WILL work

chmod a+x “/home/bally/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/foobar2000_v1.1.7.exe”

This will ALSO work

chmod a+x /home/bally/.wine/drive_c/“Program Files”/foobar2000_v1.1.7.exe

Yeah that’s where I put it, thought it would be a safe option to keep all “Windows” based programs in the “Program Files” folder. I’ll try that first option.

Ok seems it’s still doing what it did before. When I tried using the “current user” option I got the message:

“You need to login with administrative right to continue”,

and when I selected the “Run program as the following user:” I firstly put in my own user “bally” and login password, and I then tried “Admin” and “admin” as the password… both of which had the same effect. Window closed, installation stopped.

Can you send me the output from:

cd ~
ls -al | grep .wine


“bally@Home:~$ cd ~
No command ‘cd ~’ found, did you mean:
Command ‘cda’ from package ‘xmcd’ (universe)
Command ‘cdb’ from package ‘tinycdb’ (main)
Command ‘cdo’ from package ‘cdo’ (universe)
Command ‘cdv’ from package ‘codeville’ (universe)
Command ‘cdw’ from package ‘cdw’ (universe)
Command ‘cdp’ from package ‘irpas’ (multiverse)
Command ‘cd5’ from package ‘cd5’ (universe)
cd~: command not found
bally@Home:~$ ls -al | grep .wine
drwxr-xr-x 4 bally bally 4096 2011-06-22 23:59 .wine”

Is it the fubar2000 installer that is saying “You need to login with administrative right to continue”, or a Linux pop-up ?

It’s the installer that’s saying it. No Linux pop-ups.

Hmmm… just a thought, have you got WINE set to emulate Win7 or Vista ?


That may be the problem… try setting it as XP


and set -

Windows Version: Windows XP

Click OK, Then try installing it.

Ah, that’s fixed it. Something so simple too ::).

Ok, I’ve now installed Foobar successfully, added all my music successfully and then closed the program to get to the next stage, adding the iPod component. However, has I went to “extract” the file using Archive Manager I got the following message:

"Could not create the archive

Archive type not supported."

Even though it is a 7zip file format “.7z” … So how can I extract the goodies from within the package?