HDD or SSD drive

I am going to buy a new larger hard drive for my laptop. Is it worth getting a SSD drive instead of the conventional disk drive? would there be any issues with using one or would it be a straight swap and install everything as normal?


Depends what your priorities are:-

HDD = Cheaper per MB, and historically have had longer lives as long as they don’t get physically damaged.
(I say historically because some of the modern SSD’s are rated for pretty long lives themselves)

SSD = Faster, and no moving parts so are MUCH more resistant to physical damage … oh, and did I mention faster

Personally in a LAPTOP (unless it spends its life on a table whilst turned on) I’d go for an SSD every time … hard drives with their spinning disks and read head hovering thousandths of an inch from them are just too easily damaged … HDD’s and a mobile bumpy life do NOT mix.

And yes, if you’re talking about a standard SATA HDD, the it’s a straight replacement.

Hi Mark

Thanks, I will be going for the SSD.



No problem :slight_smile: