Hi there :slight_smile:

Hi kirrus,
Welcome to the ‘new’ Linux community Forum.
If there is anything we can do for you free to ask, if you require Documentation (including some VERY useful user guides), News, Articles, an Introduction to Linux, or just general Linux Information including the old forums back catalogue of questions/answers
May I point you towards the ‘Parent’ site:
Please note - The old forum (there) is now closed to new questions, but we hope you will like the new one.

Hi Mark :slight_smile:

I was the guy who installed the old forum over at linux.co.uk :wink:

My real name is Johnathon :slight_smile:
I’m a debian/ubuntu linux sysadmin / tech support engineer, so I’ll probably keep half an eye on the forums to see if there’s anything I can help with.

More than happy for any help you can provide, the more the merrier… I don’t suppose you will be needing the ‘user guides’ or ‘introduction to linux’ then ;D

Thanks kirrus

Probably not :). Blame The Mad Penguin, I was a happy uninformed windoze user till he came along :wink:

I had a quick look at (some of) your blog last night, I found a few useful things there (and so far I’ve only got to page 6 :slight_smile: ) in particular, the ‘fail’ article on page 3 was funny (I even tried to access the page in the pic for a laugh, but its gone now >:( I’ve seen plenty of similar sites in windoze or their effects, but can never find one in linux) and the ‘firefox awesomebar search trick’ will come in handy… wish google chrome had something similar, but then again it would probably slow it down some… maybe a case of right tool, right job.
What camera do you use?.. some very nice detailed pics there… did you ever get f-spot working?.. and if so, is it any good?
I also liked the google earth pic that looks like the ubuntu logo…
Books… Slowly making my way through some of the ‘Micheal Moorcock’ stuff I missed first time round.

Quickly, as I’m at work, and using the last few minutes of my lunchbreak to type this, I use a Canon Digital IXUS 60…

No, never got fspot working properly. In the end I just dump my photos in a folder, named by the date I moved them all off my memory card. I need to try again at some point. Picasa requires you use their site, not flickr :frowning:

Right now, I’m reading “The Smoke Ring” by Larry Niven :slight_smile:

I’ve loaded f-spot on Mint 8, and can’t see any problems so far, maybe the problem was fixed in intrepid/karmic… there seemed to be a lot of bug reports concerning the via unichrome driver (in particular, but others too) and f-spot causing system freezes… so it may be driver related. For most, switching to the vesa driver or disabling the DRI module solved the problem (not an ideal work-around though).

amongst others

Maybe… I’ll probably try again, once I put my computer back together. Just finishing a move, it’s still in pieces !

I want to finish dragon age at some point, so I’ll have to rebuild it. Joy of joys, managed to catch a nasty cold so been out of it since Sunday :frowning:

Have you heard of Bookmooch? I have some spare points I can gift you if you want to try it out…

I get ‘most’ of mine through a friend who owns a local bookshop… I look after his system… he lends/gives me stuff I’m interested in.
Occasionally I’m after something in particular though, so Bookmooch might be handy. I’ll have a better look around the site and let you know if the points would be useful.

Thanks for the offer, and I’m glad you’re feeling better (ish).

Is Dragon Age (origins) any good?.. I might get it for the 360 if it is.

BTW, I fall somewhere between you and ‘Mad Penguin’ on the 360 or PC for games ‘thing’. PCs are better for games as long as you (spend enough) have the hardware… certainly for graphics and control… but it’s hard to deny the “bang-for-your-buck” the 360 offers. I tend to keep games off my ‘working’ systems, because the moment I install a game the kids start messing with them (most are Linux now anyway), even though they have PCs of their own… I might look into building a ‘dedicated’ games machine again though, or I might wait and see what next gen consoles come up with… I wonder how long till the Xbox ‘720’ (?) and PS4, and what will Nintendo do next?

Aye, dragon age is good, though I’ve heard that it can be a bit of a pain on console, rather than PC… I’d recommend if you get it trying to get your head around the leveling system early on, because otherwise you can end up with a really weak character, by not specializing enough in one weapon-style…