HELP !!!! Again

RE message yesterday my HP 2133 notepad has no disc drive can only boot from hard drive or ethernet ? still will not accept my username and password. How do i boot from ethernet ?

How about a USB drive?

Your best bet is to make a LiveUSB (stick)… if you follow these instructions, you will need access to a Windows PC, but you will end up with a bootable Linux USB stick that you can use to change your password.

Go to here:

and download the 32bit Ubuntu LiveCD ISO image

Then go here:

and continue from step 2

There are more instructions on how to create a LiveUSB on the Ubuntu page at step 2, just select USB stick, select the OS you will be using to create the LiveUSB, and click the “Show me how” button.

Once created, boot from the USB stick and follow Mad Penguins instructions (in your original posting) to change your password.