Help I am a newbie

Hi all I am a newbie I have never used Linux before, I have used lots of bespoke databases/software. I am in the throws of setting up my own business and I need a database for clients that I can log all thier details and any further conversations I have - a diary system.

A friend told me about Linux and said that I should have a look at it to see if there is any thing suitable before paying out to a closed big wig. However I am totally confussed by all of it and just hoped that someone could point me in the rght direction of what I need to be looking at?
Many Thansks
K x

I think what you are after is a Personal Information Manager… Either Evolution (for the gnome desktop), or Kontact (for the KDE desktop)… both of which “should” (depending on your Linux distribution) be available in your package manager.

More info here:
Evolution (for the gnome desktop)

Kontact (for the KDE desktop)

Alternatively you’re after a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) [?]

In which case, take a look at SugarCRM;

Or Google “Linux CRM”, there’s lots of free stuff out there …