Help! Installed Mint Debian 201303 but Windows 7 won't boot

My techy friend and i have tried nearly everything to get mint lmde 201303 (Debian Edition) installed in a separate partition from Windows 7 Home Premium in order to dual boot them. Finally we deleted ALL partitions using gparted, installed win7 from the disk, shrank the win7 partition from within win7, and installed mint from the live disk. Now, when booting up, it (finally) shows the GRUB2 list with Mint, Mint Safe Mode, and Windows 7. But when i select Windows 7 it just goes back to GRUB2 and shows that same list again!

Machine we’re using is Lenove z580, which shipped with windows 8, but i used windows 7 disk to delete it and installed windows 7 a while back.

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated!


I’m gonna guess you’ve deleted the Windows boot partition.

Boot Mint … open a terminal and post the output from running:

sudo fdisk -l


sudo blkid

and the contents of:

gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Would you know how to fix the Win7 boot partition from the Win7 disk ?

It shouldn’t NEED a boot partition, mine doesn’t have one. The installer should have sorted this out at the time - I’d worry that this is a GPT disc, and I’ve no experience of them :-[

Let’s see what the GRUB config says and go from there