Help installing TP-Link TL723N wifi dongle on Debian wheezy/jessie 8188eu RTL

As the subject line refers I am having trouble getting my wifi dongle to work on my ODROID U3 (arm CPU), basically like a Pi but much quicker.

its running a version of debian (wheezy I assume since this is what is at the command prompt) with, I believe a 3.8 kernel. For more info on the OS see the odroid forum post here, Debian Jessie for ODROID-U2 (XBMC Inside) - ODROID

Actually having just gone there for the link I see its supposed to be Debian Jessie but the command prompt still says wheezy???

Anyway, bottom line the dongle isnt installed or working

I dug around alot on the net but can’t seem to find a solution. I believe its the 8188eu chipset from realtek

Can anyone help please

With the wireless adapter plugged in, what’s the output from:



oddly enough I get

bash: lsusb: command not found

usbutils can’t be installed then

You’re probably right, my understanding is that this is a “light” version of Debian as its primarily for running XBMC but can revert to a XFCE desktop if required.

Good news, I have managed to fix the Wifi issue, found a post buried deep in another thread, not sure exactly what I did but basically downloaded a tar file which extracted to the /lib/firmware folder and then did a reboot and it was seeing the wifi so all good there.

Thanks for your help, now to sort the problem of the missing audio over hdmi, best start a new thread for that though.

Glad to hear you solved the wireless problem :slight_smile: … any chance you can link to it, to help future searchers with the same problem ?

I sure can, I found my solution here…

4th post down

[b]cd /lib/firmware
tar -Jxvf firmware.tar.xz
rm -fr firmware.tar.xz

Thanks … appreciated :slight_smile: