help! is it valuable?

Dear All!

I am a new member this form. I need mentor/advicer about my career.

I did comp.and telecom degree+ part of the msce ;D course but always and always keen about linux

now after big gap want to return job field so i am look like junior or new graduated from uni.

after short search i ve found some private courses (combine linux fundmntl and adminstrtn) i ve think if i ve get career loan
maybe possible do that.

I must work because my twins are going to school full-time and no more excuse :-[

I ve lost my way if you give me brief ideas you cant imagine how valuable for me

many thanks all your help, all the best

That was quite difficult to understand, but perhaps you could give some clues as to your current Linux experience?
Do you currently run any distros, and which ones have you used in the past?

The poster is not a native speaker of English- as a qualified EFL teacher I can tell.

Ok, while I appreciate English isn’t your first language, speaking as a retired employer;

If you’re going to post on a public {English} forum with so many ‘mistakes’ , one might wonder how many mistakes you are prepared to tolerate in your ‘work’ … if you catch my drift. Spoken English isn’t so much of a problem, but what you put down in writing needs to be correct.

You will find for example that some current employers and agencies will simply toss a CV as soon as they see ONE spelling error … as it demonstrates an inability to use a spelling checker … which is thought of as a very basic IT skill … (so I’d work on your written English first …)

Going beyond that, not many people are interested in bits of paper (leastways not in ‘real’ IT) , they’re interested in what you can do … so I’d be aiming to get some experience rather than worry too much about paperwork. Personally I’m a Debian derivative fan, however you will find in a commercial environment that RedHat/CentOS rules - so that’s probably the best thing to look at first …

My $0.02 for what it’s worth …


There are no trivial Linux jobs. Linux, in business, is server room stuff and databases mainly. Pay is very good, much higher than for Windows jobs. But you have to really know your stuff.
If you can pass the Red Hat Certified Engineer exam you’ll be able to walk into a well paid job. But that exam is very hard.

My experience has been that employers don’t see “I use Linux” as proof that you know computers, they see it as proof that you don’t use Windows enough.

Good luck.

Dear Chemicalfun,Melissa,Salparadise and specially Mad Penguin

You are absolutely right about my english and many many thanks from my heart for your reply