Help me choose my netbook.

Hey guys, I’m thinking of buying a netbook for studying, taking notes and some other simple task that I don’t want to do on my desktop. I don’t want to spend a lot on a laptop so a netbook sounds like the perfect choice. What do you guys recommend? I got it narrowed down to the degee 10.2 inch netbook or the ASUS Eee with XP being my OS of choice. I’m finding it difficult to choose one over the other. Help!

I personally have always used Samsung Netbooks and as such can vouch for them. XP the operating system of choice? This is a Linux site :). So…I would recommend you try a dual boot system and use a system free of Viruses, Malware, keyloggers…and yes the free word again…it’s free!

Who the heck are Degee?.. out of those 2 go for the ASUS EeePC, ASUS at least in components and Laptops have built themselves a good reputation for quality.

And I spit on your resource hog XP sir :stuck_out_tongue: … “OS of choice” … on a netbook … are you insane man :slight_smile:

I can see the argument for gamers having a copy of XP hanging around on a more powerful system, but that’s it, end of story… what would make you want to cripple a netbook with XP ? … Hell I’d rather chuck out half its RAM and still run Linux, come to think of it, it would still be quicker.

Or was this an intentional troll ?

@ Toonman… Why not try the new Google netbook when it comes out :stuck_out_tongue: … Maybe you could even get Firefox on it :wink:

It seeems Samsung is a little expensive. Can you recommend one? Thanks.

Thank you. degee is a new brand. I seldom play games and I installed XP before.