Help me with wlan

Hi to all… I yesterday installed new Ubuntu, It is my first touch with linux, and I dont know anything, but when I saw speed of linux and other says, I really want to start using linux on my pc…
Now is big problem to me anything to install on ubuntu, everything is in programming and codecs, something like in windows cmd, if I make my wlan to work then it will be much easier to me something to learn in linux on internet…
Can someone help me install driver for my usb wlan card it is Siemens Gigaset USB Adapter 108, I found something in ndiswrapper download | but im completely noob…
:frowning: :frowning:

The Siemens Gigaset USB Adapter 108 is based on the same Atheros ar5523 chipset as the Netgear WG111T so DON’T use ndiswrapper (it won’t work), follow these instructions to load a native Linux driver instead:

any problems, tell us how far you got, and what the error message was.

thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

this is log for first command

and i can not install package :S

You will need to connect your PC to a router with an ethernet cable to be able to get the “Updates”, and install build-essential and linux-headers-generic.

You won’t be able to install the ar5523-source package until you have build-essential and linux-headers-generic installed first.
(the build-essential package can be installed from the LiveCD, but the linux-headers-generic package can’t, so you will need a working internet connection)

You will also need a working (wired) internet connection for the wget command that comes later in those instructions.

Im not in possibility to connect to router with cable because Im in building :frowning:

thanks again :wink:

OK, an offline install may turn into a dependency nightmare, but we’ll have a go if you want.

Open a terminal and enter:

uname -a

hit enter, and post the output back here.

Can you also post the output from:

cat /etc/*-release

or let me know the exact Ubuntu release (and/or the full name of the ISO file you used to create the LiveCD) you are using.

I dont have nothing to lose :slight_smile:

I downloaded new version this is name ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso it is 32 bit

log is
ivan_ubuntu@ivan-ubuntu:~$ uname -a
Linux ivan-ubuntu 2.6.35-22-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Sun Sep 19 20:34:50 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux

ivan_ubuntu@ivan-ubuntu:~$ cat /etc/*-release

OK, try this… download the build-essential_11.5_i386.deb package from one of the mirrors on this page:

and download the linux-headers-2.6.35-22-generic_2.6.35-22.33_i386.deb package from here:

download the ar5523.tgz archive from here:
and place it in your Home directory. (if you are using firefox, you’ll probably find it in your Downloads directory), it’s IMPORTANT that you put it in your Home directory.

Double-click the build-essential_11.5_i386.deb package to install it… keep an eye out for any messages from the Ubuntu Software Center (eg. dependencies not met etc.), if you see any, let us know what they are.

Once that is installed…

Double-click the linux-headers-2.6.35-22-generic_2.6.35-22.33_i386.deb package to install it… keep an eye out for any messages from the Ubuntu Software Center (eg. dependencies not met etc.), if you see any, let us know what they are.

When that is installed…

Carry on with these instructions:

from the section that reads:

Download the following package: Double-click the downloaded package to install it.
and see if the [b]ar5523-source_0-0ubuntu0~lucid1_all.deb[/b] package will install now.

if it does, carry on with the instructions, but LEAVE OUT THE COMMAND:


after placing in home folder i double click on build-essential_11.5_i386.deb and ubuntu software center says Dependency is not satisfiable: g++ (>= 4:4.4.3)

This is what I meant by “dependency nightmare” :wink: … ok download the g++_4.4.4-1ubuntu2_i386.deb package from one of these mirrors:
and install that first.

The problem is that attempting to install g++ may result in dependency issues for the g++ package too… if you see what I mean… so this could quickly balloon into a very long job… specially if you have to keep booting to Windows on the same PC to download them.

If you could connect to the internet with an ethernet cable (or any other way), all needed dependencies would be installed automatically for you.

You can search for missing dependency packages here:
but be sure you get the “Maverick Meerkat” (10.10) versions.

a package search for “g++” for maverick results in this page:
(then you just click the “i386” link at the bottom… NOT the amd64 link)

Which lists dependencies for that package… some of which will already be installed, others may not and need installing first.

Now I really understand you, installing one to one dependency need other dependency :(, dont know why ubuntu dont have updated files to latest one.
After trying to install g++_4.4.4-1ubuntu2_i386.deb says Dependency is not satisfiable: g+±4.4 (>=4.4.4-1)
I cant found that file on site you tell me… is there any easier way… like downloading and installing complete new g++ pack with all that dependency…
Im sorry because you wasting your time with me and trying to help me, but now I see that I will be just annoying. One other thing my friend have notebook with windows 7 and wirelles network, is there possibility to connect linux with cross over cable with notebook and using internet on linux through notebook, some kind of simulating… Im just said that but I understand that if that is possible that isnt simply. Thanks friend for all your help. :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried it, and I don’t have a crossover cable to test it, BUT I can’t see a problem with setting up ICS on the wireless interface in Win7 and sharing the internet connection with an Ubuntu PC through the wired interface… give it a shot.
(from memory, ALL interfaces [both on the Windows PC and the one on the Linux PC… the Ubuntu wired interface will default to DHCP so don’t change it] need to be set to get their IP from DHCP, but I could be wrong)

g+±4.4 is easy to find… go to the link I gave you for g++:

now look at the listed dependencies (red dots)… you will see g+±4.4 … click on that underlined writing, and it will take you to the g+±4.4 package page… now click on the i386 in the table at the bottom (under Architecture) and you will be taken to the mirror list for g+±4.4

Problem is, that package has dependencies too, that may or may not already be installed… so I’d attempt your Windows ICS solution first.

3 links that may help:


Good luck :slight_smile:

dont know why ubuntu dont have updated files to latest one.

BTW, dependencies don’t have anything to with “latest versions”… they are other programs or libraries that are needed for the first one to run.

Windows software is more often than not dependant on other apps and libraries too (think of applications that need .net installed and/or share .dll’s etc.)… but their binary installers tend to come with ALL the libraries in a self contained “installer”… this is wasteful, as the same libraries get downloaded/installed multiple times, and can create conflicts.

Also for security reasons Ubuntu relies on an active internet connection for installing its software “all from one place”… the Ubuntu repositories… rather than getting it from all over the web like windows… this ensures your software is malware/virus free, and built/tested for compatibility.

This system is actually one of the major benefits of Linux… you’ll understand it eventually :wink: … so with the “package manager/repository” system there is no need to supply ALL dependencies in one self contained installer… this isn’t to say they can’t be “built” into one package, just that they usually aren’t, so offline installs of some software can be a pain unless someone has built a package that contains all the dependencies… unlikely for build-essentials as the dependency versions change all the time with updates.