help my laptops running windows vista

hie all i have just receved a laptop its a acer aspire 3100 the version of windows is windows vista home basic i think and i would reely like a version of linux on it but the person who the laptop came from didant no haw to install the os correctly and naw i only have usb becouse its not picking up my disk drive

Have you got a Linux LiveCD ?

Which Linux distribution are you trying to install (Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, etc.) ?

What is the intended result … to replace Vista, or a dual boot system ?

Could you give us some specs?

Also, could you please try to use correct English. It makes it easier for readers who don’t speak English too well.

if i was you mate id download unetbootin and the linux of your choice (linuxmint zorin ubuntu are good for new linux users )

make sure your laptop can boot from usb (f2 or f10 from startup)

if you need more help post spec of the hardware and what knowhow you have (with bios etc)

this quiz may help you choose a linux distro