HELP! My Peppermint Dell has gone crazy!

It also does not connect to the internet.

Yeah but does the Guest account work ? … if it does, it suggests the issue is something in your home folder so we just need to figure out what.
(or create another account and copy across your files)

When you say it doesn’t connect to the internet, have you set up wireless in the Guest account ?

I clicked on it to connect but it won’t.

Says active connection removed before initialised- there is no way to type in the internet p/w

The files are not so much the prob as they are saved on the maxtor, it is my Chrome log in I want.

When you’re logged onto the guest account, what happens if you hit Ctrl+Alt+F3 ?

Do you drop to a text console ?

I will try it. I was just about to take it to the yard and smash it up with a hammer! I’m at the end of my tether with it Mark and had a hellish day with everything going wrong.

Logged in pressed that and there is an error box saying no session for pid 1127. The hammer it is…

I’ve turned the bloody thing off and and going to smash it up in the yard- it has had it. It wont do anything. I can’t take it anymore!

That session PID message is normal in the guest account … just dismiss it and then try Ctrl+Alt+F3


I’m off to bed shortly, so we’ll have to pick this up tomorrow … just let me know if Ctrl+Alt+F3 drops you to a text console.

I’d already tried F3- and nowt. It is now smashed to bits and in a bin bag ready for the recycling centre! >:(

Had enough of that pile of junk. It was crashing every 20- 30 mins and it had a horrid reflective screen which was like a mirror. Had to keep closing the curtains when it was sunny to even see anything on it. It weighed a ton as well! And the battery was kaput.

Thanks for trying anyway Mark. The hard drive was probably corrupted.

I only had it Linuxed cos the screen was big and in theory I could use the scanner on it ( which never worked anyway!) and play CDs on it ( which also didn’t work - it kept skipping my Mozart CD on Sunday afternoon).

I have the Mint netbook for the scanner and I can buy a boombox from Argos for about £30 to play CDs on. My friend gave me a discman I can use for now if I wanna listen to one.

The Maxtor HD works fine on the netbook. It has a small SSD but could do with an upgrade as it needs more memory and RAM I think. Tomorrow I will ask about what system upgrade it could take in a new post and then I can see what I myself can do and what I will need to get the computer shop to do.

It does work fine only it takes awhile to boot up when I turn it on. I like it but it has such a teeny screen that I find it not so good for reading stuff, hence my mother got me this Chromebook ( it has SSD). It’s lightning fast to boot up and use ( except if there are internet connection problems). It does run out of memory every so often but it reboots in seconds, so I can forgive it for that!

I like saving files in Google drive and using Pocket.

I tell ya if one could attach CD/DVD drives and have scanner drives then Chromebooks would be the perfect laptops! Printers, who cares, that’s what printing shops are for.