Help My screen has frozen (SOLVED)

Help. My screen has frozen in OpenShot. The mouse cursor moves but clicking does nothing.
I shouldn’t be using it as I am going to upgrade to the 64 bit version of Peppermint 5 and it will be wiped anyway.
Any help please, I am sure I saw a thread that gave the various commands to get solve these problems but I can’t find it. :-[
Don W
PS The clock has also stopped at 14.36 ?

If you’re going to reinstall anyway, just hard resett it by holding the power button till it switches off

Normally I wouldn’t advise this as it can corrupt the file system … but as you’'re planning a reinstall anyway…

Your other option is to try this:

Thanks Mark,
I have shutdown and restarted Peppermint 5.
I should have remembered this as it was the last thing I did with Win 7 after the 3 finger salute gave no response. :wink:
Don W