Help needed with dual booting

I really need to dual boot in this machine. I have some programmes that will only run in Windows. Can I install Windows beside Peppermint or will I need to wipe the HD, install Windows and the install Peppermint alongside ???

Don W

I have done it the other way around ie installing Mint 19 along side Windows 8 so I’m pretty sure it must be doable the other way round.Worst case scenario would be to back up your Peppermint install Windows and then reinstall Peppermint as a dual boot.Pretty sure Mark will be able to point you in the right direction.

I only ask as I usually install Linux alongside an existing Windows installation and it would seem logical to wipe the HD and install Windows first then add the Linux install. ??
Don W

You need to install Windows first, as it will trample over any existing OS (except Windows) you may have installed already.

Thanks Sezo, so I will do as I suggested in my first post. ??

Don W

Use virtualbox or vmware for mac.

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How did Mac come into this ?

I meant you can install vmware in a mac

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And it wiil run your Windows programs with the minimum effort.

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Sure, but this is a Linux forum, and nobody had mentioned Mac/OS X in this topic … just seemed a bit random, like “hey did you know budgies like chocolate”.

I said you can use it on a mac, at my work i use a linux ubuntu and at home too. Sorry if i did a mistake mentioning the devil word haha

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It’s not about it being a “devil word”, I’m just wondering why you mentioned Mac at all as it wasn’t part of the original question ?

I’d have understood your response if either:-

a) The original question was about a Mac.

b) Somewhere in the topic it became obvious the original poster had a Mac, and loading Vbox/VMware on it would help with his original question.

c) This was a Mac forum.

But as non of those apply I’m wondering why you brought it up ?, and how/why you think it will help the original poster ?

Sorry if it appears I’m being awkward, but it’s my job to stop spam posts, and at first your post looked like it might be an automated generic response that could have just been a bot attempting to get past first post approval.

I mentioned it because this guy wanted to run some windows programs and it may be because i am Spanish and maybe i didn’t get the main question and i said it only to help because at work sometimes i have to run some windows programs as well.

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Do budgies really like chocolate? Who knew?

Personally I’ve given up dual-booting. Too much trouble when one half goes wrong…