Help needed with FREE CAD programmes (Solved)

Hi Mark,
When I recently went to run DraftSight it said my trial had expired and to log in and get an update. I tried this but have not been able to get it installed and running to date. I was then told that the FREE version would be unavailable from the end of December so I thought it a waste of time to install for a couple of months as I didn’t intend purchasing it.
I also have bricscadV17 listed in the Graphics table and it doesn’t work either, when I click on it nothing happens.
I have installed LibreCad and it works ok.
Can you help me get rid of DraftSight and bricscad ??
Thanks again
Don W

You should be able to continue to run DraftSight 2019 for free on Linux:

Mac and Linux users may access DraftSight 2019 Beta below at no cost.

See here DraftSight Download | DraftSight

Otherwise you can follow the uninstall instructions from here:

Note, I am running 2019 version now and also BricsCAD 19.2 (trial) on Mint

Thanks for that Sezo. DraftSight is up and running again.
Do you think I will need BricsCad 19.2 (trial) after the free draftsight finishes ? maybe I should try it now just in case ??
thanks again
Don W
EDIT Thanks again SeZo, I have installed BricsCad 19.2 and it is working fine. I may send you a PM at a later date.