help pc wont boot at all.

i downloade unbutu 10. whatever. burned it to cd. booted up. the unbutu logo came up and stayed there about 5 mins then the screen went black. waited half an hr still nothing so restarted my pc. it wont go past the del: setup f12 boot menu bit. hitting either key does nothing at all. waited an hr and the unbutu logo came up again and then blank screen again. cant even get into the setup menu. having to use my phone to get on here. anyone know what to do to get my pc running again?

finally got something. a red screen with a folder saying examples but it wont open. and install button. after reading the warning about 10.04 im not going to install. but cant get windows 7 to boot up. think something has made the pc very very slow. when i hit del to change boot back to hard drive it takes half an hr to respond. im back to enter setup boot menu bit again waiting for it to do something. i have nvidia drivers so maybe its done something to them. i was trying to get 9.10 but it downloaded 10.04 instead. didnt notice till after i burned it to cd.

finally back to win7 after waiting ages.Ubuntu screwed my boot up up somewhere. I started at 2pm trying to get 10.04 onto my pc and its now nearly 5pm. bootup just kept getting stuck. even win7 took half an hr to bootup it usually only takes a few secs. from the boot menu to finally seeing the windows logo took half an hr then had to wait another 15 mins before the login screen came up. right time to see if i can get 9.10 to work lol. hope that dont take ages as well.

If you haven’t installed it yet… it will have made NO changes to your hard drive, so if Windows is taking ages to boot, have you left the CD in the reader?

Have you checked the CD for defects…
Boot from it, you should get offered a boot list, one of which is something like “Check the media for defects
(if you don’t get offered this list within a few seconds, reboot and try holding the Shift key)

If Windows is taking ages to boot and the CD is still in the drive, this is a sign that the drive is having problems reading the disk.

i took the disk out before rebooting. no keys worked at all not even del and F12. It did reboot to win 7 eventually. But when i did get ubuntu screen it said all drivers have been disabled. Most of my drivers r Nvidia. I didnt see the warning about it in the forum till after i tried to put it on my pc lol. had to login on my phone to get some help. Havent tried another reboot yet to see if its back to normal. waiting for 9.10 to download. It keeps getting stuck.

When you boot to a LiveCD, Ubuntu will NOT automatically load the proprietary nVidia drivers… but it will offer them to you, that is probably what you saw… a window saying do you want to activate the drivers?

It WILL NOT however have disabled any Windows drivers, nor made any changes AT ALL to your hard drive, unless you installed it.

i managed to move over from windows 7 to ubuntu 10.whatever today. didnt have too much trouble. DL it then reset the bios to load from disk before load from hardrive. it was a little slow to go through the ubuntu loading, then when i got there i hit ‘try ubuntu’ moved my mouse around abit then just hit install. so i think atleast for me it was ok but dont lose faith linux is good. had a little problem with wireless connections but now its all good thanks to this forum, they are real helpful here.