Help required..

Hi, this is my first post so sorry if its in the wrong place!
I’m looking to setup a duel boot im on win 7 atm but want to give linux a bash :slight_smile: few questions… where can i d/l it from, will it recognise my gpu and can i game online with it?

Hi just_jack, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

where can i d/l it from

That’s a harder question than you think :wink: … there are 100’s of Linux distributions (distro’s) … some more fully featured, and some slimmer but faster distributions.

If you want one of the most popular, and the one you’ll (IMHO) find the most help and online tutorials for … I’m going to suggest Ubuntu:
or Linux Mint:

or if your hardware is limited, so you need a lighter distro, PeppermintOS (Two):

Why not “test drive” them all (they are free after all :wink: ) before choosing one to install … if your PC is able to boot from a USB stick … It is possible to put most Linux distributions on a USB stick (LiveUSB) then take it for a test drive before deciding if you like it and installing it to your hard drive … it’s not as quick from a LiveUSB, but it lets you get a feel for it :slight_smile:

Or if you let us know a bit more about your hardware, and what you use your PC for the most, we may be able to make a more informed suggestion.

If you want to find other distros, or are just interested in how many there are … take a look here:

can i game online with it?

Depends on the game … do you have any in mind ?

If you mean games that open in a web browser … YES … if you mean things like WoW, then kind of, but it depends on the game so it would help to know which games you mean.

If you have any further questions, such as “how do I create a LiveUSB”, or anything else, feel free to ask … You’ll find most Linux users a friendly bunch who will assist where and when they can :slight_smile:

thanks for quick reply!
d/l Ubuntu atm so ill prob give it a test run see if i like it…
im currently running an hp pavillion 4g ddr2
quad cpu
ati 6770 gpu.

in the process of builing my first gaming rig so i wana test linux bwfore its up and running. also gna test windows 8 consumer preview.
as to games. the likes of battlefield 3 etc

Also im tryin to shrink my main drive C for duel boot… its 1tb with over 700gb free space but won’t let me shrink says 0 available to shrink? any ideas on how to get round this?

How are you trying to shrink it ? … on the whole most Linux distributions will do this for you during the installation procedure

The first thing I would do is boot to Windows, and run chkdsk /f … if that reports no errors, I’d do a full defrag which should move the data towards the beginning of the drive … THEN, I’d try the resize, and personally I’d use a Linux LiveCD and GParted to do it.

It must be pointed out however that shrinking a partition (or any partition manipulation) carries a small risk of corruption … whether done from Windows or Linux.


WineHQ lists battlefield 3 as “garbage” when run under WINE:

This is not a reflection on the game, but how well it works in WINE
(WINE being a Windows compatibility layer that alows SOME Windows applications to run in Linux)

If you are big on Windows games … on the whole you’d be best to stick with Windows for those.

SOME Windows applications/games can be made to run in WINE, indeed a few run better in WINE than in Windows, but the general rule of thumb is they’ll most likely run best in their native OS.