Help to make my Dell M1530 work on wireless

Hi guys,
I am completely new to ubuntu and having a big difficulty to make my dell m1530 wireless work. Even after installing the wireless driver in hardware driver, there is no connection network. Could anyone help to get this wireless working please.

Can you try this…

Connect to the router using an ethernet cable, and install
from the synaptic package manager… and reboot… now check to see if wireless works.

If this doesn’t work or b43-fwcutter is already installed, try this from a terminal:

sudo rmmod ssb
sudo modprobe wl

now see if your network is detected in network manager… this fix won’t survive a reboot but if it works, let me know and I’ll tell you how to make it permanent.

If this doesn’t work either… reboot (you MUST reboot first), then in a terminal:

lshw -C network
sudo iwlist scanning

hit enter after each line (and password on last command)… copy and paste the results from each command here.

REMEMBER - Linux IS case sensitive.

Can you also tell us which version of Ubuntu you’re using.

Thanks a lot is working now, the problem was that b43-fwcutter wasn’t install at the start. I had to reboot and install hardware driver wireless b43 and reboot again.

Topic split at this point to save confusion, as it became a fix for someone else’s HP mini.

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