Help With career change

Not sure where to post this, this seemed like the most aptly named section lol

Let me start with a little information about myself.

I have worked on the tools for 15 years of my life, being 31 now. I am currently working as a vehicle fitter, manufacturing armoured vehicles for the MOD here in the UK. I did an access course a few years ago and got a diploma in science with the majority of points being distinction, with the intention of going to university. I realised i did not want to pursue this path any further.

I have always had a love for computers, and tinkering with them. Naturally progressing from windows installs, to ubuntu and now to arch distros. While I am most defienitely a novice by any standards i am always learning and improving my knowledge.

So my question is can anyone point me in the right direction in getting into the tech industry, I’d definietly like to work with linux and probably more interested in networking and cyber security than anything else.

All feed back would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, I am in a similar position to for different circumstances, first you need to have a understanding of Linux including the command line (very important), than you will need to have a look around your local area to see if there are any courses at college, if it’s like my area your going to have to learn on-line, there are a lot of free and cheap courses around some are useless some very good but can be a little confusing , but a good starting point, books try reading Unix System Administration Handbook read and understand your on your way.

Just Google the courses, do a lot of looking around, and decide what area you want to go into you you may like System Administration or Networking or something else , there are a lot of choices however what I have found is what I learn t is not always what I was trying to do in the real world.

I have tried to keep this brief so as not whittle on but the problem is when getting a qualification is finding a job, experience was a problem just like anything else then there’s age they like to employ youngsters these days for there own reasons. Also some company’s would employ Microsoft qualified people others would want both Linux and Microsoft and other just Linux.

I would try to stay with company’s such as Red Hat and Ubuntu and well know on line learning colleagues, in the none commercial world in the UK not many people even know of Linux and those that do can fix most of there problems themselves or get advice on forums and put two and two together. The Internet is your friend here and you will find a lot of the courses are from the USA.