Help with creating a signature with a "script" in Evolution

New to Evolution e-mail and I want create an interesting Signature involving an image plus some additional wording - what Evolution calls “script”. I have created a one liner “script” and saved it in my documents. However everytime I go to load it I get this message:“Script file must exist and be executable”. Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

You’re using Evolution … :wink:

Which has been a ‘pig’ since it first appeared in the late 90’s.

Take a look at, or GMail … or even Thunderbird … but Evolution is just ‘evil’.

I agree… get rid of Evolution, use Gmail or Thunderbird… I personally wouldn’t recommend Zimbra as a desktop solution… GREAT as a Webmail solution, but I found the “Zimbra Desktop” solution a bit “clunky” (although I can’t remember what version I tried and this may have improved) but if you “must” stick with Evolution… try this, right-click the script file, select “Properties”, select the “Permissions” tab, put a tick in the “Execute: Allow executing file as a program” box.