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I have just spent some time upgrading to 12.04 from 11.10 (though I now wish I hadn’t). I am still a novice really and all was going well, however after my normal login screen after restarting following the upgrade it all gone wrong! The screen is blank, not even a shut down button, I get the message that I am connected to my wireless router but there are no icons down the left of the screen or anything, I just don’t know what to do, any help would be greatly appreciated, and i don’t mind if you tell me I have to go back to square one as long as you tell me how to do it.
Sorry if this has rambled on a bit but I am totally confused.

Degsy :‘( :’( :cry:

Couple of things to try …

Hit Ctrl+Alt+T … does a terminal open ?

if so try:

unity --reset

if that doesn’t work, try these 3 commands:

mv ~/.compiz-1 ~/.compiz-1.backup


mv ~/.config/compiz-1 ~/config/.compiz-1.backup


sudo shutdown -r now

Tried the first option but no luck, shut down(using the on/off button) rebooted and this time got this
error: hd read error
grub rescue> -

Have you got a LiveCD, or LiveUSB ?

I have 11.04 on a CD, is that any good?

Probably … boot to the 11.04 LiveCD, open a terminal and run:

sudo fdisk -l

and post the output back here.

or if you’d prefer just to call it a day and reinstall from scratch … let me know … in which case you’ll be wanting a 12.04 LiveCD, have you got access to a PC to burn one ?

also let me know if there is anything on your PC you cannot afford to loose.


BTW, never shut a PC down by holding the on/off button … that can screw up your file system.

the best way to reboot or shut down a Linux system if you have no other option is to hold AltGr+SysRq (some PC’s need Alt+SysRq) and whilst holding them type:

REISUB to reboot
REISUO to shut down

Best to leave a few seconds gap between R-E-I-S-U-B or R-E-I-S-U-O

That should work in all cases except a kernel panic (usually indicated by flashing lights on the keyboard) … in which case you’ll have no option other than the power button.

Easy way to remember REISUB
Broken (or Bllcksed)

Many thanks for your help, as all my files are backed up on a seperate Hard Drive I decided to try a clean install from the 11.04 disc, unfortunately this has crashed twice with a hard disc error fault, so it rather looks like my hard drive is goosed! Oh well, will have to replace and start again.
I do have a laptop running XP so can create a disc from the download for 12.04 and start from there. Once again thanks for your help and the tip about the emergency shut down procedure was most helpful not something I had heard of before. :frowning: :frowning:

Sorry to hear that … what was the HDD error … it may not be a dead HDD ?

Didn’t actually note the error down, will run it again and make a note this time, then get back to you.

Right, this is the latest info, sorry if I am being a bit thick but I do find this quite confusing. The message on the scree said:
The Installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disc
[Errno30] Read only file system
Installer crashed

I am able to use the “Try me” option from the 11.04 disc and this eems to work ok, any further suggestions?

Also I do have a very old desktop that hasn’t been used for ages, I wonder if I should try loading the 11.04 disc onto that?

Is this PC using some kind of RAID setup in the BIOS ?

Sorry your question leaves me cold, I haven’t a clue, could you ask it again in idiot speak please?

How far does the installation seem to go before you get the error message ? … is it immediate or does the installation seem to copy SOME files before failing ?

Boot to the LiveCD, then open “Disk Utility” and look for the “SMART Data” information for your disk … does it say there are errors ?

See this video:-

Right Mark, I tried your suggestion and my interpretation doesn’t look good. The initial screen reports that the disk has a few bad sectors, looking through the Smart Data it shows red dots in the following areas:
Read Error Rate; Failed in Past
ReAllocated Sectors Count Warning
Current Pending Sector Warning
I ran a self test and this came up Failed(Read) 49 Bad sectors.

That sounds pretty bad to me but then I know little, your comments would be appreciated.

Incidentally in answer to your other question the installation does copy some files before failing.

Once again thanks for your help.

I’m sorry to say, you were right the first time … your hard drive is toast :frowning:

It may be that you could get creative with your partitioning scheme … eg. with a /home partition at the beginning of the drive, and the root / et the end … which would hopefully leave the bad sectors in your home directory rather than where all the system stuff goes.

But seriously … if you can afford it … get a new drive.

When HDD’s start to fail, it generally get worse fairly quickly … specially if the damage was caused by the read heads coming into contact with the platters and scraping off some of the magnetic coating … as that stuff is now flying around inside the drive.

That was my fear, however many thanks for your invaluable help on this matter. Will just have to bite the bullet and replace the hard drive.

Just a quick update, installed new hard drive today and am now back up and running, though have gone back to 11.10 for the moment, will eventually update to 12.04. Thanks again for all your help.

Great news :slight_smile: … and you’re most welcome :slight_smile: