Help with my Chromebook- has it malware?

GUYS! I noticed lately that my Chromebook keeps freezing and I have to press the shut down button and re start it. Secondly today, every time I try to use the internet- open a new tab, click on a website that a pop up internet page comes up called “PC Keeper”!

Here is the page:;bc35d5bd-55c2-426e-9fea-c8fd63674bb6;3c98d477-a0a8-4464-8d6a-cea2a6d87550

Now, I haven’t downloaded anything dodgy to my Chromebook and I’ve got all my ad blockers on- so what is happening? What can I do???

Now there is one called advance!!! And even more scary is the fact that my extensions tab has vanished from my ribbon ( near where my book marks are).

Sounds like a malicious extension, even though I hadn’t added a new one in ages! So, I had to do what this site advises:

I did the power rest thing, then did the extension disabling, added them back one by one, and that pop up had gone. Then it came back- the only one it seemed to be was that eshield extension which is supposed to protect the Chromebook from malicious sites! I think it must have been that as when I click on a new tab eshield browser tab would come instead of the google tab- that was already on my Chromebook when I got it.

I got rid of it now.

Will be interesting to see if my Chromebook stops freezing as well…

Yep a quick ‘google’ suggests “eshield” is a browser hijacker.

Ahhh…well I noticed that my Chromebook is working super fast again- so hopefully no more stallings and weird “pc keeper” pop ups!