Help with using Quickbooks on ubuntu....please!

Just got myself up and running in ubuntu 9.10 (props to Mark for all the Help) and would like to be able to use my quickbooks program which is on my windows partition. Ideally I would still keep all my files on the windows partition as I don’t have much room on the linux bit - just the few gig that was left. I’m not keen on using a different package as we’ve invested time and money in QB and consider it pretty good. About to take on a new accountant who understands it too. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

What happens if you navigate to your quickbooks .exe (on the windows partition) and try to run it with right-click run with WINE?

What exactly is the setup going to be… do you need access to Quickbooks running on a Windows PC from a Linux PC?, or do you want Quickbooks on a Windows partition available on the same PC that’s booted to Linux?

If on the same PC… by far the best solution would be to boot Windows and run it natively.

Or do a search in the WineHQ application database to see if your version of Quickbooks will work in WINE
(here’s a link)
WineHQ Application Database Search

If Quickbooks is on another Windows PC, you could always use “remote desktop” from the Linux PC to display the Windows PC’s desktop on the Linux one. (if you get what I mean)… so effectively you are controlling the Windows PC remotely from a Linux machine.

System>Preferences>Remote Desktop
or if it isn’t installed rdesktop from the synaptic package manager.

Thanks Mark I’ll try wine hq as i’m trying to get linux to be the main platform for all apps. If I have to reboot to use a different application I’ll start thinking of having a manual system. Yes I guess starting from scratch with all new linux apps would be best but as discussed i’m quite attached to qb but want to use linux. Thanks Bob…

You could always run Windows inside a Virtual Machine (VM) in linux… you wouldnt have to reboot, and Quickbooks WILL be running natively in windows… take a look at Virtualbox or VMware (or KVM if your CPU supports hardware accelerated Virtualization), but legally you still need a windows license.

fyi; I run Quickbook inside KVM, have been for a long time.

Recently looked at, indeed I’ve setup my 2009-2010 year inside of Xero … relatively easy transition from QB. There’s one things I have an issue with, but apart from that it beats QB hand down.