Hi, if anyone has a little time tonight, I’m trying to put together a screenshot of some new software I’m writing but I need a few people from different geographical locations to browse a website to get a decent picture. So, if anyone is able to bring up “” in a browser and leave it open in a tab over 10pm, I would be very grateful.

it's a "real time" Analytics plugin for wordpress so you can see who's on a given site at any given point in time, which page they're on and which pages they've visited.

Essentially I’m after a “better populated” version of this;
[smg id=1607 type=preview]

With rolling daily totals;
[smg id=1608 type=preview]

Ok, gottit, many thanks! 8)
[smg id=1609 type=preview]

what exactly is this software meant to do?

Erm, it’s an alternative to Google analytics, the difference being you see the analytics in real-time, rather than as a historical view …
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Just Testing

How’d that go? I’d be interested. I can never get Google analytics to work!

So you have a website ?

Not really, just have a blog

Well what do you expect Google Analytics to monitor then ?

Traffic and what people search for.

How are you adding analytics to your blog ?

I haven’t- couldn’t get it to work lol.

The software Madpenguin mentions above isn’t a drop in replacement for analytics.


My point was, for analytics to work you need to add code to your site so google can track it, and present you with the analytical data.

So unless you have some way of adding that code, neither Google Analytics or Madpenguins software can track your site.

[EDIT 2]

How is your blog hosted ?

Is it a wordpress ?

Yes its wordpress. They do have their own traffic page tho, but sometimes it is a bit slow. It’s not hugely urgent really.

Okay let me know if/when you want help with it.