He's at it again ....

Looks like Mr Shuttleworth wants to build Amazon ads in to the results listings from the desktop search app.

Beginning of the end for Ubuntu ??

Yeah, have seen that. Personally I like all my searches confined to the local disks, not defaulting to “search everywhere”
and I would need to jump through number of hoops, just to confine it to my local machine. ???

Everywhere I look people are saying online search results should not be included in a “Home” lens, but should have a separate “Shopping” or “Online” or “Everywhere” lens … and I’d have to agree with that.

I’m also reading that the search info being sent to the Ubuntu servers is unencrypted (http) … if that’s true, it’s not clever.

And that Amazon results are coming back that are unfiltered for adult material … again not clever … although I suppose it won’t work without an interweb connection and if you have the web, you’re gonna get unintentional porn anyway … well that’s my excuse :slight_smile:

I must add I haven’t seen it in operation (nor do I really want to), so that info could be completely wrong.

I have nothing against Canonical/Ubuntu finding ways to monetize Ubuntu … on the contrary, I hope they can … but I think they’re going about it all wrong, and Shuttleworth again seems to be ignoring Ubuntu desktop’s current userbase.

It seeems an easy fix to me … most people are saying they have no issue with the “feature”, they just don’t want it as part of “Home” searches … rather as a separate lens … but Shuttleworth seems to have decided he’s right and everyone else can just sod off, which he’s perfectly entitled to do, in exactly the same way you’re entitled to use Mint/Peppermint/Debian/ :slight_smile:


Earlier, I’d been reading a “bug report” someone had filed about it on launchpad
Bug #1054776 “Don’t include remote searches in the home lens

But it seems that although LOTS of people considered it contained legitimate “bugs” even if it was marked as a “comment” by the mods, it’s now been removed altogether … seems you can’t even question lord Shuttleworths decisions, or raise legitimate questions about the security of your searches/data any more.

IMHO, removing that bug report says more about Canonicals attitude that the bug/feature ever did … I’m afraid I lost interest in Ubuntu a while ago, at about the time they seemed to loose interest in their users opinions … pity really.

Mmm, I’m going to load Mint when I have a sec … but to be honest I use so little of the ‘standard’ Ubuntu desktop anymore it could be anything .deb based … first thing I do is revert to Gnome3 shell, then I install LXDE … :slight_smile:

Seems Mr Shuttleworth has forgotten the “benevolent” part of “self appointed benevolent dictator for life”.

Ubuntu an ancient word meaning “you will do as you are told”.

Funny, I read somewhere that is the same meaning the US Government have for the word ‘Freedom’. It also translates to ‘We Own the Planet’.

For those thata are interested … that bug report seems to have mysteiously re-appeared:


It appears one of the mods changed the visibility to “private”, but the original poster (also a mod) changed it back to public :slight_smile:

If you read through the bug report, quite a few mods have tried to mark it as “invalid” but the OP keeps changing it back to “confirmed” as non of the other mods are giving any reason or comment on why they keep marking it “invalid”.

I’m totally with the OP on this, who sees it as a security flaw and just wants reasoned discussion about how it could be better implimented … it’ll be interesting to see if he remains a mod through this.

Well for those of you who are “worried” about it. It looks like the “ads” are going to be “optional”.

In a Google+ post, Unity developer Didier Roche says there is a “switch” for these ads, and there is SOME CODE in the coding which backs this up as a plausible “feature”.

Yeh, it’s easy enough to uninstall the feature as well.

But what people are objecting to is the fact that:-

a) It’s ON by default … opt out, rather than opt in … and remember, not everyone will know how to disable it.
and the bigger concern
b) the info is going out UNENCRYPTED … so if you do what you expect to be a local search for password-reminder-123456ismypassword.txt or industrial-secret.txt or blow-things-up.txt … or for files containing a sensitive term … that search term could easily get into the wrong hands.

Nobody minds it as say a separate “Shopping” or “Everywhere” lens … but it should NOT be the default behaviour on “Home” search.