hi im neil

hi im neil i live near derby in the uk.
now as this is my first time on here i have a question why wont ubuntu load it took 4 attempts to get on to go on the hard disk now it says grub rescue at the boot up. Now ive tried putting the live cd in again as many places say on the net, but mine doesnt understand “sudo” comand ,.or anything else for that matter.(.ive even got very annoyed and typed 4 letter words at it) i only thought id try linux im sending this on a vista laptop. everyone seems to hate vista but ive never had this much trouble with it. so your fighting linux v vista to!

Hi neil62, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sounds like (for some reason) there is a problem with the GRUB bootloader … it may need reinstalling.

Which version of Ubuntu ?

If you’re not sure, boot to the LiveCD that you used to install Ubuntu … select “Try Ubuntu” … once at a working desktop, hit Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal, then enter:

cat /etc/*-release

hit the Enter key … and post back the output.

whilst still in the terminal, enter:

sudo fdisk -l

and hit enter … and post the output from that too.

if the “sudo” command (or any other) doesn’t work from the LiveCD’s terminal … the LiveCD is corrupt.

Also be aware - Linux commands ARE case sensitive.

A friendly hint - I’ve found that people who tend to say things like, “help me or I’m going back to Windows”, tend to be told to go back to Windows :wink: … whereas just “please help me” will illicit a more friendly, helpful response.

I’m not saying that’s what you meant by:-

so your fighting linux v vista to!

But it came across (at least to me) that way … Linux users tend not to be interested in “fighting” Windows (no matter what you’ve seen), we prefer Linux, but others may prefer Windows, in which case they should stick with it. :slight_smile:

Ask for help with Linux and you’ll find the Linux community are a VERY helpful and friendly bunch. :slight_smile:

Linux is not out to conquer the world (it’s already done that anyway), so as a wise man once said … “Linux doesn’t need you, you need Linux” :slight_smile:
(that wasn’t directed at you personally … I just like the quote :wink: )

ill try this out its 11.10 im trying to get going. sorry about remarks i got very tormented by it. Trying these ideas now. but there was one thing its doing right now im loading a hard drive via a usb with a adapter this pc is my second build, and as im out of work for a disability wanted to have ago but not having lots of cash to splash out on new stuff then smash it tried bits of ebay i did one went to plan this is no 2 made by bits left over and a few more and wanted something different to try on it. stepson said because the old parts, the speed may be to great so were doing it via usb give it time to think a little then fit the hard drive in side is there smaller linux perhaps better for old pcs? i dont concider to be pc wise more pc numpty

By attempting to install Ubuntu to an external drive, then moving the drive internally, I’m afraid you are making this a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

By moving the drive, you are probably changing its assignment as far as the GRUB bootloader is concerned, so it becomes unbootable and requires a re-install of the GRUB bootloader… it would make more sense just to fit the hard drive internally (where it is going to stay), unplug all external drives … then install Ubuntu, telling it to use the whole drive.

If on the other hand you’re trying to achieve a “non standard” installation, such as a dual-boot setup, or booting from an external drive … you’ll have to tell us exactly what you are trying to achieve, and what drives are attached … the output from the second command above will also help.

YES, there are lighter Linux distributions that Ubuntu … can you tell us a bit about the hardware, so we can make some recommendations ?

At the moment, I favour PeppermintOS (Two) as a light distribution, but knowing a little more about the hardware will help :slight_smile:

yes it works really pleased something new to play with beets games lol now for play time hope full the next post will be on linux machine thanks for your help ive printed of the advice so i dont loose it :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You’re welcome … enjoy your shiny new Ubuntu installation :slight_smile:

If you have any further questions, we’ll be happy to assist, so you know where to ask :slight_smile: