hi ip help :)

now i am playing a game, 4story and i can fill in free offers and surveys, in return you get credits on game,

now, it is illigal to fill the same survey in same person, and cause they are stupidly strict on security from being hacked somuch, (they even banning people for using mouse macros for side buttons to toggle run walk etc lol)

so, i got 4 ppl playing the game on 2 pcs,
ive filled in all and i got 382 credits,
now the other people can not fill them inand if they do they dont get a reward due to being on the same ip,

is there away i can change my ip address so we can redo the survey on the other account so both players can benafit ?

If you have a dynamically assigned IP, switch your router off wait a few minutes and restart it… if you have a static IP… NO.

there a way to mask my ip or hide it? it will be a static ip,

basicly the thing i need to do is on my web browser i can do it in linux :slight_smile: so if ya got the ultimate geek code for me to learn and make a shrine for lol tht would be amazinggg

AFAIK, if you have a fixed IP the only way you can appear to be coming from a different IP would be to use a web proxy.



But I’ll bet the game site is well aware of this, and won’t accept connections from (at least) the better known web proxies.

Mmm, there are a lot of proxies knocking around … but most of them use the same sort of method for embedding ads etc … which means they’re very easy to detect and block …

Set up your www browser to use the TOR network…

how what and why and think this wil ban me??

TOR (The Onion Router) is an anonymity network, with participating routers scattered all over the world. Typically, one has to install a browser plugin which acts as a local HTTP proxy, and all traffic goes to its intended destination via the TOR network. Each time you connect to the host, its highly likely you will be presenting a different IP Address, host OS and geographical location.

I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean when you say “Will this ban me?”. This certainly isn’t an illegal or illicit service. Simply carrying out your usual day-to-day Internet usage using the TOR network, you will be generating white noise which will allow the real users of this service (spies, government officials, users in military-occupied countries, etc) to remain anonymous in countries where encryption is outlawed.

On the assumption you will be using Firefox, I believe you can simply go go addons.mozill.org and search for a plugin called Torbutton. This will allow you to turn on and off the local TOR proxy.

The big disadvantage of this service is that it is horrendously oversubscribed, and as a result, its painfully slow sometimes. But for the purposes of your initial request, I reckon its the simplest way to proceed.