Hobson's Choice for a new OS on new computer

Hi to everybody

Yes two years or more have passed since my first and only post -

Due to personal problems I have been unable to progress further. Many thanks for the responses and help that I did receive.

I have spent the last month playing catch-up to the various inquiries I had with other forums.

It would appear that all Flight Simulators will not run on Linux - not just Microsoft’s.
With a new computer the MB and PSU will be different, so I will have problems with the MS EULA. It is considered that I will not be given a Validation/Activation code. I have OEM discs. Retail version would not be a problem. In addition XP is no longer a supported system and MS customer support will know that when I quote the License Certificate number .

This means that if I want to continue to play flight simulators then I only have one choice and that is to put up with MS - WIN7 whilst still available and now that the free update line has passed.
So its Hobson’s choice as far as I can see - ‘you can only have the horse nearest the door’. Take it or leave it.

I can of course still add Linux later for my main usage.


How about
which can be added via a PPA in any Ubuntu based distro.

That looks a very interesting diversion from trains. Thanks for the info. Mark I may try and install that.

take care
Don W


Hi Mark,
I am as good at this as you are at driving trains :wink:

LOL :))