Home Plugs v Wireless (No Contest)

For the past while I’ve been getting a little frustrated with my wireless connection, nothing serious just the odd unexplained slow down, dropping out from time to time, probably just standard stuff for any wireless connection but it was annoying the hell outta me, changing to ethernet wiring wasn’t an option so I finally took the plunge and got myself 4 home plugs to cover 3 PC’s and the difference is like night and day, my transfer speed is at least 3x faster, internet browsing is much more stable and smoother, it connects instantly and I’ve not had one drop out or slow down since on all 3 PC’s.

So the moral of the story is if you have a desktop PC and you’re getting pissed off with your wireless connection go ethernet and if hard wiring isn’t an option I would definitely recommend home plugs, no setting up required, no security issues, no brainer, just plug and play


Are you in a position to post up results of the 2 from speedtest.net?

Definitely something wrong with your wireless then.

Whilst I’d agree you’d notice an improvement in local network speeds, PC to PC, or PC to NAS, I’d expect wireless to easily be able to handle speeds higher than your internet connection speed.

Put another way - I’d expect the WAN connection speed to be the bottleneck, not wireless.

But then again, we’re talking about a (no so) Superhub aren’t we ?

That said, for static PC’s ethernet is ALWAYS a better option.

You might wanna read this though:

Definitely something wrong with your wireless then.

Well I wouldn’t disagree with that, you may recall on these very forums trying to sort out my wireless connection speed and we never really got to the bottom of it, I understand what you mean about wireless being able to handle the internet connection speed but if there’s a bottleneck in the wireless (which it looks like there was) then that’s gonna affect the overall internet speed and there’s no doubt the Home Plugs have sorted that

But then again, we're talking about a (no so) Superhub aren't we ?

Yes we are and to be honest before I got the Superhub I used the original Motorola Surfboard Modem with a Belkin wireless router that worked flawlessly by comparison.

The link you posted has well and truly burst my bubble and I was so happy and now I’m so sad and miserable and it’s all your fault :slight_smile:

I’m not really sad and miserable, the test’s I’ve conducted have clearly shown that I have at 3x faster intranet speed on all PC’s and a significant increase in internet speed on one PC in particular


Heh … sorry bout that :slight_smile: