Home Security and Linux

Hi All! There has been a spate of daytime and night-time break-ins lately around our way and my other half is getting a bit twitchy (as am I, TBH!).

I’m considering installing some sort of basic CCTV system (maybe 3 cameras) which I would like to monitor via an old laptop I have, currently running Mint 17 XFCE. Not sure yet whether to go for wired or wireless, but wireless would be easier. Do any of you run a home security system with Linux? Is there a need for any sort of specialised software and have you any particular recommendations as to brands etc?

Thanks in advance


Hi Rich

Depending on how many cameras you want and where you locate them around your home ip/wireless cameras would probably be the way to go, there is free software available called zoneminder although there may be others but that’s the only one I know of, it’s not something I’ve ever done although I’ve been giving it serious consideration lately for my business premises but haven’t got round to it so I can’t really offer any more insight but have a look here you might find what you’re looking for

Good luck


Hi Graeme - thanks for the reply. :wink:

It looks an interesting site so I’ll delve a bit deeper and see what comes up. I only need a simple system really, 3 cameras should be adequate, 4 at most. I’ve seen some that have a security light incorporated with a discreet camera below the light lens so they might be a good option - kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak!