Homenetworking under Lubuntu 12.04

Hi everybody!

This is the situation:
I have 2 systems running Lubuntu 12.04. Everything works fine btw.! Both systems are hooked up on a Cisco router (standard router provided by the Dutch ISP Ziggo).

One desktop system has an external disc (1.5 terabyte) connected. I want to have access from the other system to that external drive. But within a home network so that i can access both systems plus the external drive. How do i do that?

Can somebody explain step-by-step how to create a home network under Lubuntu? Every solution i found on how to create a network was more or less for Wifi networks…

Many thanks in advance!

OK, sharing directories/printers over the network is sightly (though not much) more complex to set up in Lubuntu/Peppermint (LXDE) than in the full blown Gnome/KDE/Unity … but that’s the cost of LXDE being light and fast …

There’s a good tutorial for using samba and the GUI front end (system-config-samba) to share directories and printers here:

Once you’ve shared the mount point of your external drive (and restarted the smbd service, or rebooted) it will be available to the other PC’s on the network … irrespective of whether they use wired or wireless connections to your network … through File Manager>Go>Network Drives … you can then either add bookmarks, or use a tool such as gigolo to automount the shares on the client at startup.