How can I create videos in Peppermint 5 (Solved)

Can anyone tell me of a ‘reliable’ program to create (edit and add titles etc.) for my holiday videos.
I am looking for something fairly simple but reliable. I have tried a program but it took 4 hours to create an .ISO file then crashed. :cry:

Can you explain what you’re trying to end up with … DVD ?

And when you say “add titles”, do you mean like subtitles / text overlays … or do you mean DVD authoring with titles for different videos ?

And which app you’ve already tried ?

Hi Mark,
I have downloaded the .MP4 files from the Toshiba Camileo Z100 to the Videos folder (/home/don/videos)
I have used 2 ways to do this but using gThumb is the easiest, so I will stick with gThumb to put the Videos on the computer.

I then tried DeVeDe to make .ISO file to burn to disk. This programme ran for almost 5 hours last night before I turned it off.
Earlier in the day I had tried to create a smaller .iso with 10 clips but the programme crashed.

I just want to create a video DVD and a title at the beginning saying “Holiday 2014” or something.
The holiday video will probably run for a half hour so will probably go on a CD.
I just need the discs to play on a home video player.
Having got the .MP4 files on the computer I reckon I need a program to edit them, e.g. cut bits out that I don’t want, then add a Title, then join the clips together in one
.iso file.
I then need a programme to burn it to a CD/DVD.that I can watch on the video at home.
Or have I simplified too much ? or have I complicated it needlessly ?
I have another question but I will start another thread

For what it’s worth, Openshot is well worth a go, if I can use it anybody can, and there is a number of 5 minute tutorials for the basics too. Download from the Software a Centre.

Good luck,

Thanks Degsy,
I will have a look at that.

You are very welcome, hope you find it satisfactory, put Openshot into a Google and you should find lots of advice and tutorials.


Hi Degsy
I have just hit a problem. I have opened OpenShot and loaded in a pile of video clips. I have put 4 on the timeline and when I view them it stops at the end of number 4 and the programmed froze. The mouse can move all over the screen but I can’t click on anything.
This is most frustrating as I have looked at various programmes over the last 2 days and none will do what I ask.
I had high hopes for Openshot and the manual is very good but it seems beyond me.
How do I get out of this now.?
PS I feel that this computer has crashed every day since I installed Peppermint 5

How do I get out of this now.?

If you mean how can you close Openshot try this

killall -9 openshot

Openshot is a great application but it is in early development and it does have a habit of freezing now and again so it’s important when using Openshot to save your work regularly

Good luck


Thanks Graeme
I have restarted Openshot, I have created a new project, I have loaded 94 video clips in to the project, gradually adding each clip and viewing it as I added them saved every 10 clips or so and have now finished the first stage ok ;D
I am very pleased with it so far.

Hi Don,
@Emegra, thanks for stepping in and answering question, only just seen Don’s response.
Glad you are finding Openshot OK, have to say I haven’t had problems but have only used it so far for very short videos and I am using Ubuntu 14.04 which may or may not have any influence on things. I had problems trying to install P5 on my laptop and went for 14.04 as a stopgap till I have time to sort things out.
Good luck with Openshot,
Cheers, Degsy.

Thanks Degsy,
As I said the programme worked ok second time around. I just took it easy and finally ended up with a project with 94 clips in it all safely saved.
I will see about saving it to DVD today in its entirety, and will then see if I can take out bad bits etc. and add a title.
Looking good so far, Thanks for the advice.
Don W

Hi Degsy,
I loaded the project into Openshot and Exported as an .OGG file. This I can see on the computer with the gnome media player.
My next problem is getting on to a DVD that I can watch on the Video Player at home.
When I try Brasero it says the file format “is not suitable for audio or video media”
I then exported as a .DVD file and I get the same message.
What format do I need to export the file in so I can burn a Video DVD ? Can you help ?

DVD’s use MPEG-2 … but you can’t just drop an mpg onto a DVD and expect a DVD player to read it.

Openshot is a video editor, not a DVD authoring application.

At a guess you’d need to output the file as mpeg-2, then install/use something like bombono-dvd to author the DVD.

Actually a quick “google” suggests bombono can import your “DVD” output from Openshot … so try that before exporting again as mpeg-2

Thanks Mark,
I have saved 2 files from the Openshot video editor, one is a .OGG and the other is saved as .DVD
I have installed bombono and transcoded the .OGG file and burnt it to DVD.
It works on the Video Player at home. ;D ;D.
I will need to make another video using Openshot and I will cut out unwanted bits, make a title etc. (Ken Russell look out)
Again you have come up trumps (and Degsy and Emegra). Thanks all.

Don W

Well done Don glad you got it working,

I’m surprised devede let you down, I’ve used it quite a few times and always found it bullet proof in fact I just finished conducting a test video with openshot exported it as a mp4 (h264) and authored it with devede and it worked perfectly and I was gonna suggest that to you when i saw your last post

Anyway All’s well that ends well :slight_smile:


Hi Graeme,
I usually use DeVeDe in Windross and it is ok.
I will need to go back and have a look at the manual. It is quite annoying that I take a video on my camera and it saves it as an .MP4 file, I can view it in the camera, I can connect to the television with the HDMI and view it there but I can’t take from the camera and put it on a DVD that I can view.
Although Openshot is ok, I may need to find another video editor with extra titles, transitions editing capabilities.
I will stick with Openshot for the moment as I think it will do what I need, but I will look for alternative video editors for the big picture (my grand-daughters wedding)
I am still trying to understand the fact that :-
1 I have to download clips from video camera to computer
2 I need a video editing programme to join the clips, edit the clips, add titles etc. , then save in a format that I can use in step 3
3 I need an authoring programme to transcode the file I made in step 3
4 I need a burner to put the file on a DVD disc that I can watch on a Video Player.
I would gladly buy a programme that would carry out all these operations, if there was one available.
I will come back to this in the morning.
Thanks again for your help.
Don W