How can I stop yum running?!

Dear Linux-ers,

I’m having a problem with my Fedora 14 install. Occasionally, usually right when I’m trying to watch a film or soething, yum randomly starts up and runs. It doesn’t take much CPU, but it does hit the disk a bit, and this causes things to judder.

I’d really like to configure something to make sure that yum only ever runs when I specifically run it from the command line, never autorunning. Any ideas?


Hi nickschurch and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not a Fedora user, but it sounds like YUM is set to get at least some updates automagically … there must be a setting somewhere that allows you to adjust this … maybe this topic on the Fedora forum will help:

or maybe

I must say I’m surprised to be reading that Fedora have set their distro to download/install updates without user intervention by default … I would have thought that was a decision for the system administrator :o

If you still have no joy, let us know and I’ll bung Fedora in a VM and see what I can find … but you’ll have to let us know which desktop environment you use in Fedora 14 :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I don’t know if it was Fedora, or Amahi (which I’ve installed) that set this automatically, but it was set. Disabling the yum update service does seem to have stopped the problem for now. Lets hope it stays fixed!

Happy to be of some little help … even if it was just links to other forums :slight_smile: