How do I access my NAS in dolphin

I have recently bought a Synology NAS DS3617XS and would like to access it through Dolphin file browser.
How do I make this possible as I have no idea…

I also want to be able to write to my NAS, as at the moment, I am unable to save anything to it unless I connect an external Hard Drive to it and transfer what files I want to move. Also, I want certain programs to have access to my NAS.

I’m running Kubuntu 18.04

Hi, I think there are multiple methods depending on how you want to work, but in Dolphin;

  • Open Dolphin, select “Network” from the left hand menu / column
    • Double click on “Add network folder” icon in the main pane
    • Select your access method, FTP/NFS/SSH should work for you if they’re enabled on the NAS
      With NFS, you may need to mount the drive “before” trying to access it via Dolphin.