How do I get magification to work in Compiz?

Exactly what it says in the subject header, how do I get the magnification to work in Compiz?

Not as easy to answer as it first appears … which desktop are you using ?

Unity 2D
Gnome 3 (shell)
Gnome 3 “Classic” (gnome-session-fallback)
Gnome 3 “Classic” no effects

I cant remember exactly which, its the one with ‘Applications’ and ‘Places’ at the top left and little ‘windows’ bottom right that you can move to.

That could be either of

Gnome 3 “Classic” (gnome-session-fallback)
Gnome 3 “Classic” no effects

Log off … when you get to the login screen, click the little cog icon by where you enter your password … which one is selected ?

It’s the first one.
I’ll alter my sig at the bottom and include more info in a bit

In Gnome 3 there are a few options, but in gnome-session-fallback non of them work … for now you can install kmag (though it’s not ideal)

sudo apt-get install kmag

You’ll then find it at Applications>Others>Kmag

Pity you don’t use the full Gnome 3 … you could then easily have mouse wheel zoom … but there you go :o

I’ll keep playing and see if I can find something better, and post back here if I find anything.

Hang on, I’m sure it that one.
It’s Gnome Classic

Yeh, Gnome “Classic” in 11.10 = gnome-session-fallback

In the login menu:-

Gnome = the FULL Gnome 3 (shell)
Gnome Classic = gnome-session-fallback

and the magnifiers for Gnome 3 don’t seem to work in gnome-session-fallback ???

I cant remember exactly which, its the one with 'Applications' and 'Places' at the top left and little 'windows' bottom right that you can move to.

If we’re talking about Ubuntu 11.10 … that describes gnome-session-fallback

Hang on… This is getting confusing, just going to rebot AGAIN to check.

Youre confusing me with all these different desktops there are.
It’s Gnome Classic, If it dont work on that one properly, which one DOES it work on properly?

kmag will work on ANY of them, but it’s a separate window that shows a magnified portion of your desktop … not ideal if you want to magnify what’s underneath that window, you have to move it.

The FULL Gnome 3 (shell) … which in the login menu is just called “Gnome” has a zoom feature built in, that follows the mouse around the screen, and there’s also a downloadable “mouse wheel zoom” app that zooms the screen by holding Alt and scrolling the mouse wheel, which also then keeps focus on the mouse and follows it around the desktop.

But nothing I (so far) have been able to make work in gnome-session-fallback other than kmag :o

As I said, I’ll have another go later, but don’t hold your breathe :slight_smile:

Instructions for installing “Mouse Wheel Zoom” in Gnome 3 (shell) are below, but don’t expect it to work in gnome-session-fallback (Gnome Classic).

To install Mouse Wheel Zoom in Ubuntu 11.10 using the Gnome 3 (shell) desktop:-

Open a terminal and run:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tobias-quinn/gsmz


sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-mousewheel-zoom

Then just hold the Alt key, and scroll your mouse wheel.

I just tried KMAG and don’t think much of it. I want one that will move around with your mouse, if there is one out there?

Agreed, kmag sucks :o

I’ll see if I can find something else that will work with gnome-session-fallback … but as I said, don’t hold your breath :wink:

Also, as I think your signature idea is a VERY good one, and make giving support MUCH easier … it may be best to mark your desktop as “Gnome 3 Classic” :slight_smile:

Ran out of room lol, unless I can shorten some stuff…

Gnome 3 Classic (DE)

Really the memory type and timings aren’t really necessary … just “3GB RAM” would do.
Don’t really think email client and web browser are necessary either.

Come to think about it, the REALLY helpful stuff is the Distro/version/desktop environment … and if a desktop motherboard make/model (if known) & graphics card make/model … and if Laptop, make/model.

That stuff would be VERY handy in peoples sigs so it’s at the bottom of every posting … save having to ask, or go back through topics/posts to find it out.

Although I suppose it won’t work for people that have more than one PC with different hardware, and/or different distro/versions etc. :-\ … but in that case (at least) that info should be included in the first posting of any new topic

Yeah, but there are different manufacturers of RAM which cause problems (I dont know personally of any tho) but it could be a problem.

Well it’s possible a boot issue could be caused by the BIOS reset jumper on the motherboard being on the wrong pins, but I’m not going to ask for everyones jumper settings in their sig :wink:

The important stuff which needs to be asked EVERY time is distro/version/architecture, everything else is dependant on the question being asked.

Ask me how to install something, and I need to know the above, but I don’t need to know anything about your hardware.

Ask me about a graphics issue, then I still need to know the above, but then you can give me info on the hardware.

And I can’t think of anything that’s likely to be covered here that would require me to know your memory timings ???

LOL… Shall we get back on track as this seems to have gone down the wrong lane and fallen off a cliff.

Any good magnifier utilities that cam be used in my desktop?