How do I insert a photo in a forum request? [Solved]

Hello. I hope you don’t mind me posting here - I am English, although I don’t live in UK at the moment. The Peppermint website appears not to be working right now, so I can’t post my query in the usual place.

I’ve got a problem with the start up procedure and I’ve taken a photo of the screen with my phone. I emailed the photo to myself and have downloaded the image to my desktop. But I don’t know how to get the photo to appear in my forum request. I’ve noticed the Insert Image button, but I don’t know how to proceed beyond the img square brackets.

So my first question is:

How can I post a photo into a query?

Tony B

Hopefully the Peppermint forum will be back up later today, but sure you’re more than welcome to post here

You’d need to either host the picture on a website such as:

then put the URL of the picture in IMG tags here


Attach the pic to your posting, by using the “Attachments and other options” section that’s underneath the box where you enter your text.

Thanks for the welcome, Mark.

And thanks for the help… I chose the tinypic route - it worked brilliantly.

Tony B