How do I install from a CLOSED

I have extracted the package to the following location. /home/userone/Downloads/seopowersuite/

It is not a deb package.

Thanks in advance.

The script may or may not have the executable bit set, so right click it in the GUI and check the permissions. If the “can be executed” box is unchecked, check it.
Alternatively, the purer way would be

chmod +x /path/to/folder/

then type

sh /path/to/folder/

This will start the installer off and install the software in your user area. If you want it installed in the system area then do the second part as root.

I get the following error ~ $ sh /home/userone/Downloads/seopowersuite/
/home/userone/Downloads/seopowersuite/ 3: [: !=: unexpected operator
/home/userone/Downloads/seopowersuite/ 10: cd: can’t cd to distr/commons/bin/
Unable to access jarfile macinstall.jar

Erm … can you tell us where you got the file from and what it is.


By the looks of the error it’s some kind of SEO application ? … if it is, I’m not going to make any judgement on it’s use … that’s for you to decide, but I will say 2 things …

a) If it ever gets used against this forum it will earn you an immediate ban, and most likely get you reported to your internet service provider.
b) I personally wouldn’t trust any code that came from anyone that makes such software … you have no idea what malicious code it may contain.

SEO through automated applications such as that are SERIOUSLY frowned upon, and will likely earn you a ban on anywhere it posts to … I (as a forum moderator) have a daily battle against SEO/SPAM bots, and would happily s**t from a great height on anyone that uses them … but your call :o

Not to mention, spamming is AFAIK illegal in the UK … which is why unscrupulous companies pay people from the Philippines etc. to do their spamming/link-building for them. … if you get reported to your UK ISP, they will most likely kick you off, or suspend your internet account … you have been warned.

[EDIT 2]

Their website claims one of their customers are Microsoft … something tells me Microsoft don’t need to use SEO beyond giving themselves higher rankings on Bing … I’d be surprised if Microsoft weren’t VERY unhappy to see their name/logo being used for advertising SEO tools, but who knows ::slight_smile:

They also list Disney … and Sun Microsystems as customers … has nobody told them Sun Microsystems doesn’t exist any more ?

Hi Mark,

Would not intentionality use anything that would produce spam. They advertise on the companies site who handle my 3 sites usage data.

One is reading so much about SEO due to changes at internet search engines so thought I would try this out to get a picture of how my sites SEO could be improved.

Doing SEO for 3 sites manual is somewhat time consuming and I was just looking for a way to save time.

If the stuff is a bad as you say then I will not be using it.

Thanks for the warning.

If you still want too take a looksee, and can provide a link to the software that doesn’t require me to give them an email address … I’ll try installing it in a VM if you want (to try work out where the installation problem lies), but I’m not sending them my email address, nor am I installing it system wide :slight_smile:

But if I were you I’d check out the legal implications first … as I said UK laws on spamming are quite tight, and I’m not 100% sure where unsolicited link-building fits into that.

I must add I know nothing about this software in particular, but link-building being at the root of it, sounds very much like it’s going to automate posting hyperlinks to your website(s) from other peoples … where is the only place(s) it can do this ? … forums (and comment sections of blogs etc.) of course.
(I could be wrong about how this particular software works though, but I doubt it)

Auto-postings to forums and comment sections of websites that carries no relevance, and who’s primary purpose is to gain free advertising in the form of SEO is CERTAINLY considered SPAM by site owners … and is unfair to any forum/site sponsors, so could theoretically loose a forum/site its sponsorship.

No I will not try it if that’s what it is doing. I was under the impression it was just going to check my existing SEO and make recommendations on how to improve this.

I did not think it was going to then start sending things to sites without my input. Maybe it was to good to be true and I am stuck with manually reviewing how my sites are doing and trying to work out how to improve there search engine ratings.

I dumped the software in the waste bin again thanks for the warning.

You may have misunderstood me, I’m not an SEO expert, and have no idea what that software would do … you may be right and it be harmless … I just don’t know.

All I was saying is it contains something called “link-builder”, which sounds suspiciously like it does what I mentioned.

I’m not saying it would do anything without your input … I’m saying “I don’t know exactly what it would do”.

If you want to trust it, and take a look … I’ll help with the installation … I was just trying to make you aware of what I think the software is all about, and to say be careful with the “link-builder” part.

I think I will give it a miss and look for alternative options.

Thanks Mark.