How do I install libmateweather_1.15.1-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.xz (Resolved)

To correct a problem with the weather app in the panel of mint 17.3 mate I need to install:


I have downloaded this package to my download folder: /home/userone/Downloads

Any assistance welcome…

You could just download the version for yakkety from here:
then just double-click the .deb file to install :wink:

Ok tried that and got an error message:
Error brakes existing package
libmateweather - common (= 1.12.0-1 +rosa)

The update is required as the weather service information has changed.

Maybe try updating the libmateweather-common file to the yakkety version first ?

Here’s the yakkety version
if you wanna give it a shot

Though if Mint are hosting their own modified version the yakkety version may break things.

What makes you think updating libmateweather from the source file won’t also require the updated libmateweather-comon ? … where are you getting your instructions ?

I am only making an assumption as I read that the existing package now contains out dated info about the weather service and it most be updated to the new version.

I down loaded it here 1.15.1-0ubuntu1 : libmateweather package : Ubuntu

I did not know that there was more then one file that may need updating…

I’d expect Mint to solve this … but have you tried installing the yakkety version yet ?

Hi, tried the yakkety version and this broke the panel which was removed.

Took me 35 mins to put it all back the way it was (now back to normal) so as you say will have to wait for mint to sort out the update… the weather app has been broken for around 3 to 4 weeks now.

Thanks for your help.

maybe the versions from Mint 18 would work
and if necessary
for 64bit Mint

or if you’re running 32bit Mint

As of yesterday mint have updated the packages in 17.3 mate 64bit so problem is resolved.

Thanks for your assistance.

Great stuff … thanks for the update :slight_smile: