How do I install Supervisor on Linux?


I have zero-knowledge of Linux. I always found the interface where I get to click things with a mouse curser to be easier for me than black-windows with a lot of text-lines (at least that’s my vision of “linux” I guess).

I am starting a website/software of sort and I was requested by my programmers to carry out several things on the server (I purchased a dedicated server with “CentOS” on it, I guess that’s Linux):

sudo apt-get install supervisor
Within /etc/supervisor/conf.d create a laravel-worker.conf file.
chmod +x laravel-worker.conf.
Add this content to file laravel-worker.conf: (TEXT HERE)
I managed to connect to that black window (“SSH” I understand it’s called) using Putty, but then things go wrong - the command “apt-get” doesn’t exist, and I found someplace else on google that I can install using “easy_install supervisor” which seemed to be working, only I used that “cd /etc” command to see the filed in the etc folder and there is no “supervisor” folder…

How do I install it?

Also, once I installed it, how do I create a file or how do I fill that file with text if I don’t have a screen in front of me or a mouse curser to choose a line and so on?..

I’d appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you!

The instructions you’re following are for a Debian based Linux distribution, not a Redhat based distribution.

Now whilst they’ll probably work, you’ll have some translating to do such as

Debians “apt-get install packagename
will become
yum install packagename” in a Redhat based distro such as CentOS

Packagenames might also vary a bit

and IIRC CentOS doesn’t use “sudo” to elevate privileges … instead you’ll have to use “su” to change to a root prompt (#), then run:

yum install packagename

Here’s some instructions for CentOS