How do I obtain a bug/crash report when program crashes during splash screen

I am trying to ‘fix’ Gimp.
I get as far as the ‘splash’ screen and it just stops. I am able to click on the ‘spash’, which just disappears. and nothing else happens.
GIMP is failing on the ‘sparkle’ plug-in. I have tried purging Gimp and reinstalling but it doesn’t help.

Can anyone help please

is anything returned if you try to start it from the terminal ?

Sorry for the delay.
I tried opening Gimp in terminal and nothing happened, I just get the cursor in terminal and nothing else!!!

I’ve just purged Gimp and then reinstalled it after a reboot then tried running it and nothing happened, not even the splash screen!

try to start GIMP (and note the time)… then look in
for messages logged around the same time.

What happens if you rename the
directory to something like
then start GIMP ?

Had a look in KSystemlog and the raw file and there was no reference at all to Gimp.

Did you try renaming the folder, like I said ? … or are we going back into where you only answer some questions ?

No, I’m busy doing other things as were in the middle of a house move.

Okey dokey then :slight_smile: