How do I set up a virtual machine in mint 17.2 mate? (Closed)

My old P3 computer that I run Win 98 on to play DOS and old windows games on is no its last legs.

Can I set up a VM on my mint 17.2 system and install win98 and transfer the existing games to the V M…

Never used a VM before…

Any help would be appreciated…

You can give it a go, but I doubt it’ll work. There aren’t any/many Windows 98 drivers for the VM platform, so if it works at all, performance will be awful. Have you tried just running them in Wine? You’ll probably find the same problem, but worth a go.

If these are DOS games, then try DOSbox - it’s really good. FreeDOS in a VM is also a good shout.

Edit: Where I say “VM”, read “Virtualbox”, it’s the easiest one & it’s FOSS (so in all the repos)

Thanks for the info: I have used DOSbox and Wine in the past with limited success as there are issues when it comes to the use of USB joysticks and other game controllers.

How about a new partition for win98 or using a USB hard drive are these options?

You could use a new partition for Win98, but if you’re talking newer hardware, you could well face similar driver issues (I doubt anything manufactured in the last 10 years has Windows 9x drivers written for it)

OK thanks for this I will try with DOSBOX.