How do I update Chrome on Peppermint?

Guys my Peppermint netbook needs updating. I don’t know how I do it-can you please tell me? I’m having to write this from my Chromebook because so many web pages won’t load on it and I keep getting messages like “this site can’t be reached.”

I really need to get Chrome updated on there so I can post on my Wordpress blog. My Chromebook is on its last update ( I got it second hand a couple of years ago) so I can’t write new posts using my Chromebook. It works for most things though.

I’m planning to buy a brand new Chromebook soon as I have the money!

I am on Peppermint 9 I think on the netbook. Mark Greaves ( bless him ) put it on for me.

I tried the package manager but it wouldn’t work.

It is also having trouble connecting to the internet on the netbook but it’s all fine on the Chromebook- which is so weird! Why would this be? I often more than one device connected such as the Chromebook and my Android tablet, and I’ve got fibre, so a good connection.