How do you actually use WINE?

As the title asks… I have been an exclusive Mint user for about ten years now, I am not particularly computer literate but love Linux. However, occasionally I have tried to use MS compatible software, I have downloaded WINE to do this, got it out of the software repository actually, but come up against ‘a brick wall’ when I try to use WINE.

There are no basic instructions - I just would like to be told in simple language how to go about using it to access the Windows files. I fiddle and fart around with it for ages, receive loads of unintelligible error messages so end up deleting it - Please help!

Oh well, obviously I have asked a silly question but thanks for viewing, anyway.
I have just noticed that this is now quite an inactive forum, pity, used to be really good.

It’s not a “silly” question as much as one that stupendously difficult to answer, and is requires a different answer depending on what you want to install under WINE.

I personally don’t do WINE help, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find most people won’t either … it’s just far too complex, and not really a “Linux” question.

WINE have their own forum, and website with documentation … but good luck with it :wink: