How easy to swap to Linux

Hi. I am due to do a linux introduction course with the Open University in May. I have an old desktop at home and wanted to change it to linux from XP. Can I do this without losing all the old files and pictures I have stored on it?

You have a few options…

  1. Set up a dual-boot system… probably the most complicated of the 3 options to set up.
    (ie. Windows and Linux in their own partitions)

  2. If your laptop is capable of booting from a USB stick… install Linux to one as a LiveUSB… this woould give you the benefit of being able to use the LiveUSB stick in ANY PC that can boot from USB.

  3. Use WUBI to install Ubuntu “INSIDE” Windows on your Laptop.
    (this will allow you to easily remove it in the future… if you want… from the Windows Add/Remove Applications control panel applet, and make no changes to your partition table)

If you need instructions for any of the above, just ask.

hi i hope this helps i am also new to linux very little computer knowlage so decided to buy a cd pre loaded with linux from the usa about £5.00 almost as cheap as windows it came though with in a week fantastic service now what i thought was the hard part i dreaded it but poped in the disc went for the duel boot system as a some of my software will only work on windows and with in half an hour it was loaded and i was on the internet and i have never known such an easy system to load and use it took me a few hours to get use to the way linux works and noe realise its the proper way
google chrome works fantastic as firefox if fact there are a few people use my computer and i have noticed none go for the windows boot pluss it picked up all the printers and it has never crashed once
the only thing i can see that is wrong with linux is why on earth is it not on every pc if fact i now make a point when walking in pcworld etc to ask if they have any linux machines and to my relief last week the bushiness advisor told me hp are going to pre install it soon
hope this is a help to a few none believers so bite the built install linux as a duel boot system and you will never look back