How many post each day?

Hello All (Ubuntu Gnome user)

I’m new to this forum. I have not always had great answers from the Ubuntu forum. Sometimes you get curt reply’s when they feel you are being stupid. Lets hope for better here.

I do notice that there doesn’t seem to be lots of posts? Is this not used regularly? How many posts are there each day?

Hi Hunny and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I do notice that there doesn't seem to be lots of posts? Is this not used regularly? How many posts are there each day?

The forum goes through periods of both inactivity and mad stints with a lot of activity. so it’s kinda hard to say.

Hi Hunny and welcome! I think the lack of posting is not for want of subscribers but more the fact that once you have your distro of choice up and running then it just works!

For people coming from a Windows environment it can be quite confusing at first as there is no longer a need to carry out the regular maintenance/updating security/problem fixing etc etc that you are used to. Though things can - and do - go wrong from time to time, generally your request for help, on this site particularly, will be answered quickly and the solution straightforward and easy to follow.

I’ve been Linux exclusive for over 5 years and have never regretted moving over - in fact I’ve encouraged others to do the same. I browse other computing sites occasionally and I’m amazed that in the Windows world, all these years later, they are still requesting help for the same issues that plagued them right back at the beginning - security being the main one! Why? ???

Linux is now ‘all grown up’ and there are some great distro’s to choose from depending on your own requirements. You can add or delete programs at will, modify to your heart’s content or simply install and ‘get on with it’! Your distro is truly ‘yours’ - a great feeling! :wink: