How to format this file

Hello, I’m doing a course and the file I have attached shows a file of the transcript of an online lecture. I want to save it to read but it saves in Libre office with all the text in one long, left hand column. It is very time consuming to sit and delete spaces to make the sentences the normal size. Is there anything else I could do? It’s a plain text document.

That’s not LibreOffice … that’s Gedit.

I’m confused exactly what you’re trying to achieve ?

If you copy that text out of gedit, and paste it into a LibreOffice document, you’ll be able to format it as you wish … then save it as an .ODT or a .DOC

I have pasted it into Libre and it just stays in same format.

See the attachment- I pasted it into Libre Office and saved as an odt and this is the crazy formatting- sentences don’t go to end of page, but in a long column.

That’s probably the way it was formatted in the text file then … LibreOffice should not have changed the formatting :o

Have you got the original document ?

Can you attach it to your next posting.

In LibreOffice Writer go to:
View->Non-printing Characters
This should display any carrige return/newline characters. If there are any then deleting them would re flow the text.

Yeah I know takes ages! Is there not another way to save the document without all that?

It’s from an online course you have to be enrolled on and I can only get it from my log in. Yes that it is how it is, just wondered if there was a way to save it as a normal document.

It would be hard for me to answer that without seeing the system that you log into … why not ask them.

Another option if it displays correctly online, may be to print it to file (from within your browser) … and save it as a PDF.

OK, if it is just a line feed (carridge return) causing the formatting error then (in LibreOffice Writer) you could just use the find and replace :
Make sure the More Options->Regular Expressions is checked
In the search field put \n and the replace field leave empty (or put a space in) then click replace all.

Thanks- will try that. I didn’t know it was called a line feed!

That line feed thing didn’t work.