How to incresse fan speed on my laptop? (resolved)

I am running Peppermint 8 64bit on my old Samsung R60 plus.

Is it possible to increase the speed of the fan?
The speed never seems to change even when the system is operating under a heavy load.

Yes some times the laptop shuts down due to over heating because the fan is running so slowly.

Any help welcome.

Before doing anything else, have you run:

sudo sensors-detect

and answered “y” (yes) to all the questions.

Then rebooted and tested if that makes any difference ?

Have done this and a couple of items were detected and added to the system.

Will test for awhile to see if this has made a difference but I think that the fan speed is changing depending on the load…


There is some improvement but would like to be able to run the fan at a higher speed during the extreme heat . I s it possible?

Green ticked response here:

but BE CAREFUL, if you get it wrong and enable it as a service (so it starts at boot) you could find your CPU overheating.