How to Override Microphone Auto-adjustment in Chrome?

Hello everyone,
I use Ubuntu 18.04, and the problem is with the microphone level while speaking through Facebook messenger or any other browser supported messenger. The mic keeps self-adjusting and the other party gets poor sound or none at all. I installed PulseAudio, it works well for Skype, but it’s agonising to see the sliders jump back into the position I didn’t mean for them to be in. A similar problem was discussed here:

The people found a solution for an earlier version of Chrome; my Chrome seems to lack the interface or I’m doing something wrong.

And another similar discussion here:!topic/discuss-webrtc/vfNKu-Osg0s

Are we really helpless in front of Google Leviathan? >:(

Hello Lasgalen - and Welcome to the Forum.

Do you have this problem on other browsers such as Firefox? It’s worth trying others.


Hello Keith,
Thank you.
I used Firefox until very recently, and all was okay, but it stopped loading pages - that’s another problem I can’t fix.

It might be easier to fix Firefox by simply re-installing it. You lose nothing as you are using Chrome at present.
Have you kept your updates up-to-date?

I always update as prompted. Do you suggest re-installing Firefox?

Well, it’s easy enough. Have a look at Updating or uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox on Linux - Ask Ubuntu.

Might be an idea to backup your Bookmarks first, if they are important.


Thank you Keith!